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Hifi, vinyl, streaming, music systems, cd, Home Cinema, Audio Visual Systems, Surround Sound, record players, whatever you want to call it, if it's to do with great sound then it's what we do

We are NI's leading experts on high performance streaming music systems. We provide a range of systems offering great value and better solutions from suppliers such as Linn Hifi, Naim Audio, Sonos and Cyrus matched with the finest loudspeakers from Kef, Harbeth, Linn, Q Acoustics, Dynaudio. These companies manufacture award-winning solutions across a very wide range of prices from £ 1500 upwards.

In our showroom we have beautiful stereo solutions at £ 1500, 3,000, 5,000, 9000, 12,000, 19,000, 25,000, and over 30,000 ! No other location in NI has the performance options of Lyric Hifi. Call in for a look or make an appointment to compare different levels.



 come along for a listen and place your orders for November delivery at £4499.

Here's the press release: Planar10 Launch Info , first review now in Rega News


The Blade Night was a blast, great great music played loud!

blade 22

As an addendum to this we can now offer Interest Free Credit and Buy Now Pay Later on much of what we sell, ask Karen for a quote on a particular piece of equipment.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You could have these Blades for just £ 444/month!

Kef LS50s in the limited edition finishes of Racing Red and Dark Titanium are now ending so we have secured some extra stocks. This is your last chance to own one of these special finishes, £ 799 per pair is the price in standard finish however we have the last 20 special pairs straight from the factory available at just £ 749 per pair.






Just put a gorgeous new LP12 on dem with the Rega RB2000 arm, interesting combination, sounds great with an Ania

 New REFERENCE topic about turntables, not finished of course but a good start with only one rant so far!

 Under HIFI, PRODUCTS, the Naim Audio page has been updated

Rega News Updated with Startling New Amplifier

AV Ultimate Cinema Updated


Here are some demonstration equipment bargains, check out more in the Catalogue as well as more trade-ins just arrived and in the Used section

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Kef LS50 Wireless,  demo pr, £ 1999 for £ 1499

Kef R 50 Atmos demo pair, new £ 599, now £ 399

Kef R700 floorstanding speakers, our walnut demo pr,

£1999 new, now £ 1400

Convergent Plato Streamer/CD Ripper/LP Ripper/Amplifier, demo unit,£3999 for £ 1500


Want a special AV amp? Check out Anthem with this link:

Anthem AV amplifiers

New Rega Planar 8 now on demonstration

rega 8 top view 

Isn't it beautiful?

See new blog, tab at top right



Linn Selekt DSM Detail Dial 300dpiSmall

Doesn't that look a Linn logo on a new product?

Come and see, and hear, for yourself, 

Its the new Linn Selekt !


Use the Blog tab above for musings and opinions on all kinds of hifi, there is a lot of information in there


Rega Fono MC is here to match the Ania moving coil and the combination sounds great

More information in Rega News and Blogs, Moving Coil Heaven

Check out KEF NEWS for the LS50 Wireless, yummee

kef ls50 w blu


All budding turntable designers will be interested in a new book on the subject by Roy Gandy, MD of Rega Research

This hardback tome, A Vibration Measuring Machine, has 3 books in one, The Company, The Engineering, and The People

Rega enthusiasts and turntable geeks, or both like me, will love it

It's £ 39.50 online, personal callers can have a copy for £ 30, here's a review



Also there are now red versions of the Planar2 and Planar3, very cool, now available

rega pl 3 red ania


I've always said what a pain it is to digitise your vinyl collection to play it on your streaming system.

And now I'm happy to be proved wrong, see latest Blog on Plato


The Rega factory tour Blog is now complete and includes a video tour, check it out in Blogs



So What Hifi do a story about 9 of the best turntables and 4 of them are Regas!

Wow, check it out. Regas are the best!

I suppose it would have been unacceptable to have all 6 Regas featured!




Still much confusion about Linn Exakt, and it can take some concentration to get your head round it!

To help, hopefully, there is a new blog about it above with a link to a video explanation

Enjoy Linn Exakt, what's that all about?


MORE NEW VIDEOS, Rega Planar3 and Naim MusoQb

It just takes 2 minutes to find out all about them

Rega planar-3-black-offside-with-mat-gallery

The iconic ‘ Planar Three’ returns - Now Available 

Replacing the multi award winning and five times What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year (RP3) was never going to be an easy task.

It took Rega's team of designers headed up by Roy Gandy, two years to develop the all new 'Planar 3' following the biggest re-design of the iconic 'three' model ever seen.

The Rega team have improved every aspect of this turntable offering improved ergonomics, usability and first and foremost, sonic performance.

The new ‘Planar 3’ is truly a new turntable for 2016 carrying over just two components from the previous model.

Follow this link to read a thorough review


Upgrading your amplifier?

Amplifier of the Year comes from Rega again

The Elex-r, in stock, £ 948, and the baby brother Brio is great value at £ 598


Also Linn's Space Optimisation is now available for over 200 non-Linn speakers

Are yours on the list? Find out with this link:  Check my speakers 


The new Kef Reference speakers have arrived and are on demonstration. These use Blade technology to lift the performance level at this price. If you have £ 7500 burning a hole in your pocket book in for a listen, More info in KEF News

New additions to the Special Offers page in the Catalogue


Another new Update brings a section for All-in-one/Mini systems into the Catalogue. Is it rude to call a Naim Uniti Atom or Linn Majik DSM a Mini system? I don't think so, a tiny box that sounds great? What's not to love?


Linn News updated with Tidal now live on Kazoo and a 60 day free trial available for all Linn DS owners. Even if you have had your Linn for a few years you can try Tidal now for free


Rega Elex amplifier, £ 948, What Hifi say 5 stars and Amplifier of the Year, so do we, see BLOGS

The New Catalogue Tab is popular already with lots of hits, check it out, most favourites now added and more to come


Music has the power to change your mood, relax

you, take you to your memories, and possibly make

you a better person!

A great hifi system will do this, ordinary ones just can't.

At Lyric we provide great hifi, and you can enjoy great music.



Akubariks use the 3k array from the Akurate/Klimax, mid unit from Akurate 242 along with DOUBLE internal bass units in Isobarik configuration. To top all that the top version to launch is fully active, with built-in Linn chakra power amplifiers and Exakt digital crossovers. You are going to ask the price of course, £ 27,000, now on dem, by appointment

Passive version also available at £ 9400 and also on demonstration at Lyric


linn Akubarik-PBlk-3Q-SlvPod web-res lINNAkubarik-Wal-3Q-SlvPod web-res 

Lyric Hifi is pleased to announce a new service for our clients: CD Ripping

With the advent of Digital Streaming systems music selection is now so simple, with brilliant performance, yet the boring task of transferring your precious cd collection to hard disk at full quality does could put you off the whole idea. Don't let it! 

HELP is at hand, for a very small pecuniary remuneration!

We have invested in an automated ripping system to take away all the effort and leave you with just the pleasure, the listening to uncompressed music. Now you no longer have to trust your unique collection to a carrier and send it to England and back, along with the expense. Here is how it works:

Collect as many 100 disc spindles as you need from us and simply set your cds on to them. Drop these with us along with your hard drive and pick it up in a few days, depending how many you have and how busy we are.

We will rip to your preferred format, usually FLAC Lossless Uncompressed, and also give you a report on the accuracy achieved.

Costs vary according to quantity of cds

Up to 100 99p each, 101-200 95p, 201-400 85p

 401 and more 79p

If you would like to supply your collection in jewel cases then add 20p per disc for the handling

Your collection is then ready to connect to your Linn DS, Naim Uniti/ND, Cyrus Stream, Sonos, Denon, Marantz, in fact any of Lyric Hifi's music streaming solutions, instantly controlled by ipad/ipod/laptop. Easy peasy! 


At Lyric we have the broadest range of stock you will find anywhere in Ireland.

With 30 years experience as a specialist and performance orientated retailer we know a great product from an ordinary one: and our Product Policy means we do not stock just ordinary ones.

We look, listen, test, and then recommend a selected range of the best performing products across a wide price range, so you can find the very best system you can afford!

Over the years we have won national awards for our commitment to performance quality products and we are very proud of this, giving our clients confidence that we know what we are talking about and that our support and advice is a valuable part of your hifi system, cinema system, or new home project.  

The best sound, the best vision, the best service


The CONTACT US tab above contains our Terms and Conditions 

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