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The Cyrus One amplifier at £ 699 is what we might call a 'belter'

So the news of a promotion through to December makes it even better.

To add to it's bluetooth capability you get a free Google Chromeaudio and a free 3 month Tidal subscription worth £60, making it able to stream from online at cd quality without the music going through your phone.


All you need is a pair of speakers to make this a complete system. Q Acoustics 3020 at £ 189, Kef Q150 at £ 430, Kef LS50s at £799 will all match well. We also have a range of floorstanders to suit.



Cyrus is a company who really keep looking after their customers.

Many Cyrus products over the years are factory upgradeable to the latest specification, saving money on improving your system.


As an example upgrading a Cyrus CD 6, 6S, 8 or 8X to the latest CDi spec is £ 850

You can also upgrade to the highest level CD XT Signature £ 1495

On the table below check out what your best upgrade will cost


UPGRADE FROM                         UPGRADE TO                 COST    

CD6, CD6S, CD8, CD8X                      CDi                     850                  

CD6, CD6S, CD8, CD8X            CD XT Signature          1495                  

CD Xt                                          CD XT Signature          1495                  

CD6 SE, CD6 SE2                              CDi                        750                

CD6 SE, CD6 SE2                        CD XT Signature         1295                 

CD8 SE, CD8 SE2                               CDi                        650                

CD8 SE, CD8 SE2                      CD XT Signature          1195                 

CD Transport, CD T                    CD XT Signature          1295                  

CD XT SE, CDXT+, CDXT SE2    CD XT Signature         1095               


What Hifi Awards acclaim Cyrus Hifi, again!

More awards in every category for Huntingdon based Cyrus Audio

The CDi cd player at £ 1050 wins, as does the £1650 82DAC amplifier with built in dac


Cyrus 6a