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Recommended £5-10000


The source is the most important part of your system. Information and detail lost at the first stage cannot magically reappear later no matter how good your speakers. Many systems in this range start with the amazing Linn Majik DSM due not only to it's performance but also it's easy upgradeability in future. Match with Kef R700 for a £5k system and then add a power amplifier to go further. This combination also allows for Space Optimisation, a proprietary Linn system to match the system to your room.

The all-new Linn Isobarik  speakers are also worth examining

Hifi enthusiasts in their forties (and fifties and sixties) will remember the original Isobariks, the world's best speaker 40 years ago and an aspirational object of desire despite, or because of,  it's original design of form following function.

The Isobarik principle has been discussed and dissected by gurus for years as the best way of achieving major bass from a not massive cabinet. (It's still not tiny)

 Linn Majik_Isobarik_LargeLinn Akubarik-Rose-3Q-Slv-Pod web-res

Majik Isobarik and Akubarik, featuring the double bass unit system mounted horizontally in the bottom of the speaker to keep a slim profile

The new Majik Isobarik combines Linn's Array technology and the Isobarik principle. Using a Linn Majik DSM source/amplifier the systems starts from £ 6500.

Linn Aktiv compatability gives you opportunities to further improve performance by adding Linn power amplifiers and

to wring the most information out of these beautifully finished speakers they are also compatible with the ground-breaking Linn Exakt technology.

The total bill could rise to £8-14,000, but worth it and it can be achieved in stages. 

Above these in the Linn range sits the fabulous Akubariks. Shame they bust the budget!

These raise the vocal clarity to a new high, universally praised, open sweet sounding, gorgeous etc, and the isobarik loading give these new depths to the bass.  Come in and listen for yourself if you want something very special

Naimndx front 3-4 Electronics for this level of system often feature Linn or Naim for their famous ultra-detailed sound matched with dynamics. Do also check out what Naim can do.