At Lyric we have now been selling Arcam products for 30 years, so I feel we know quite a bit about them and what they represent.

Arcam don’t make the cheapest products, however for a bit more you can own a special piece of kit which will sound better, last longer, and make you smile.

I see people every month who say something like ‘ I’ve had my Arcam for 15 years now and it’s been brilliant, can I have another one?’

Arcam create fantastic brand loyalty by producing great products engineered to perform and to last.

New Products

Latest addit ions to the Arcam range are in the ster eo range

The new HDA range has two amplifiers , SA10 and SA20, and an unusual streamer with cd player combination. 

Also unusual is that the amplfiers feature digital inputs as well as analogue, maybe less pure than a Rega but more flexible

The SA20 also features a Class G amplifier, Arcam's route to thje highest performance and it actually does sound much better. Tha SA10 is £ 695, SA20 £ 995

Read more: Arcam Class G

The CD streamer CDS 27 sounds excellent and offers a simple route to a toe in the water of streaming for those who are mostly using cds as their primary source, and great value at £ 699

Arcam AV Separates

The new ones are excelent, an audiophile performance on music as well as great effects on films, streaming music also included

The Avr 390 was £1999, still a few left at £ 1649 but if it's in the budget I would go for the new AVR10

Arcam AVR 10

The 3 models all look the same but sound different

The AVR10 is £2299, AVR20 £ 3199, AVR30 £ 4999

For the ultimate Arcam AV system there are also separate processors and power amps stretching to £8500 !