****Now added, the R5 at £ 999 replaces the R4, and it's great !!****

Ruark is an Essex based hifi company that Lyric started purchasing from over 20 years ago. While originally manufacturing speakers Ruark are now better known for their radios, and what great praise they have had from all magazines

These are tabletop radios of the highest quality, with 3 models in the range, all of which are available in rich walnut, black, or white:

The R1 is a compact portable DAB/FM radio from £ 199

The latest ver sion is Mk4 at £229, we also have a few Mk3s left

Ruark R14espresso angle



The NEW R3 is cd, bluetooth, amplifier and speakers model at £ 629

Ruark r3 walnut side on w. antenna

 R5 has a cd drive, even better amplifiers, and even better room-filling sound from ster eo speakers and an integral subwoofer, £ 999 in walnut or soft black

                      I haven't found a better tabletop radio range, the ultimate praise, because I have looked!


ruark r5