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Both Linn and Rega have price increases from 1st January 22

Virtually every supplier has had to increase prices as raw materials and shipping costs have gone through the roof in the past 2 years

It used to cost me £ 1800 for a container Taiwan to Belfast, now they want £ 12000!

Aluminium has increased 4 fold and wood has doubled and sometimes more.

A worldwide silicon chip shortage has increased their prices too

Linn's increases average 14%, Rega's 10%

To avoid a Linn increase you have to be fast. I have a limited amount still to come through at 21 prices.Drop me a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with what you are thinking of.

All Rega products leaving the factory from 1st Jan are at the new price so it's all about current stocks

Right now you can save 10% on Planar 1, 2, 3, 8 and 10 turntables

There is some stock of Io, Brio and Aethos amplifiers

If you are thinking of an Aethos then you can save £ 300

Kyte speakers are also available at £ 499, soon to be £550

I also have some Apollo and Saturn cd players and Aria phono stages

When they're gone they're gone!



Linn Klimax Organik


So when Linn do something new and ground breaking people take notice and listen. Unfortunately in this case the Klimax Organik DSM launched during lockdown so I was too mean to buy a £ 30.000 streamer for demonstration when we weren't open to do any demonstrations!

By the time we were allowed open the waiting list had stretched to 14 weeks. At that time I did a video without actually having one explaining why it was special. Now i actually have one and it is gorgeous in both visuals and sound.

To match with it I have the Klimax Solo power amplifiers, also a pretty penny!

The clarity, dynamics, detail and musicality of this system is a level above anything else, happy to let you hear it, by appointment please to hear it at it's optimum.

I have used it with Kef Blade2 and it is breathtaking and have also used a variety of speakers. With a source as exceptional as this they all sound amazing!

Meantime whet your appetite with 2 different types of videos, the preview one and the report version

Linn Klimax Organik Preview


Linn Klimax Organik Report

Enjoy !


Spendor Loudspeakers

You probably know that at Lyric Hifi we are very careful about what we stock. This is because we don't want any products in here that we can't whole heartedly recommend so the addition of a new range of loudspeakers is an event. When times are more normal we might even run some events to introduce them, and hopefully we will soon.

Spendor have been around a long time. They came out of the golden age of the BBC engineers in the 60s/70s when they collaborated with local hifi companies. Rogers, Harbeth, Kef, Chartwell and Spendor all had BBC history.

Spendor was founded by SPENcer Hughes and his wife DORothy and their first famous speaker was the BC1 which we were still selling a version of in the 1980s! This had a silky smooth detailed vocal and the only fault it had was a nice one, a slight bloom in the bass.

The company was also famous for the quality of it's cabinet finish with beautiful veneers and that hasn't changed. They have beautiful walnut, oak, black and white finishes across the range.

So when looking at adding to our range how did we make this decision?

Just now the Kef range of loudspeakers is extremely strong, with many award winning models showcasing the latest development of their Uni-Q technology which is a wonderful technical advantage. That doesn't mean that they are for everyone however.

There are manufacturers around that seem to specialise in forward sounding, detailed sounding  presentation accompanied by a ported bass bloom to give the effect of bass that they don't actually have. They boast of their achievements and knowledge without any facts to back it up, just marketing-speak. Some of these, and you can probably guess the names, I believe are truly awful and destroy the music by turning it into a 'hifi sound'. 

Spendor doesn't do that, it is a window to the music. I first heard the latest range pre-covid and was really impressed with how natural and unforced they sounded on a range of music, so what are the best models and what do they cost?

The A'Line range is the most popular starting from a bookshelf speaker at £1300, the A1, then to a small floorstanding A2 at £ 1800, A4 at £ 2500 and A7 at £ 3500. These are all 2 way designs and the floor standers are very clever at giving a big open sound from small cabinets. At first glance it may look like you have small cabinets for the prices however small cabinets are a huge advantage in many rooms as long as you still have a broad sound. 

Above that the D-Line features 3 way designs, D7.2 at £4700 and the D9.2 at £ 8090

There is also a Classic range with the recreation of bygone looks running from £ 1600 to £20,000 but that's a story for another day!

Prices and pics appearing in our catalogue soon, A1, A2, A4, A7 and D7.2 are all on demonstration now!



Record Players Galore !

I can't explain exactly why but since I put my 'Museum Corner' in the shop there has been an explosion of vintage hifi around here.

Over the years I have collected vintage pieces just for my own amusement instead of them meeting their maker. Radios amplifiers and turntables have sat about the workshop gathering dust so about a month ago I decided to build then into a history display.


A late 1970s Linn Sondek LP12, Luxman PD131 SME arm and a  Pink Triangle PT2 turntable with an Alphason arm sits alongside valve amplifiers from Quad, Rogers and even a beautiful Radford SC22 with STA25 power amp. I remember using one of these for a while in the 1980s and loved it. I sold it to help pay for a Triumph TR5. Pity I didn't keep both of those!

Tabletop radios from Bush and Philip are here too from as early as 1951. They aren't for sale!

Rogers BBC Monitor LS3/5-8s are complete with their matching active Quad 405 power amplifiers and still sound really good!

My own beloved Primare 928 preamplifier was there until along came the right owner and the right offer, farewell old friend!

The interest in all these interesting pieces continues to grow and recently I seem to have acquired an immaculate SME Model 10 turntable, a fully Quad refurbished set of Quad 11/22s with matching tuner and even a great example of the iconic Thorens TD 124.

Bliss !

None of these have specific price tags, if you're interested you probably know what they're worth!

Or can guess!



Special Vinyl Records

The vinyl resurgence has led to amazing improvements in the quality of new vinyl records. Remastering from the original sources has led to new cuts of so many of the classics. I am such a vinyl head that I'm interested in these for myself and as a result we have started selling some.

Companies such as Analogue Productions, Speakers Corner and Mobile Fidelity Sound labs have re-issues and hidden pleasures a plenty! All are on 180g virgin vinyl and some are also half speed mastered. That puts the price up though, as does the highest level Mofi Ultradisc which is a limited edition of single stage pressing. The Stevie Ray Vaughan Couldn't stand the Weather with two discs at 45rpm sounds amazing. At £179 it should do, although some are already changing hands for more than that. Limited edition MFSL discs go up in price when the run ends, earlier releases can be twice what you paid for them after a few years.

Just this week we have arrivals from Lou Reed Transformer £29, Solomon Burke-King Solomon £29, Chet Baker and Art Pepper £29, Nina Simone Little Girl Blue £ 19, MFSL Supertramp Breakfast in America £ 59, MFSL Dire Straits Communique at £ 79 and MFSL Derek and the Dominoes Layla at £ 89

Call in for a look and treat yourself to a treasure!

IMG 3043 4

Also recorded a video about making vinyl records, available very soon, will add the link