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META, what? Blade and Reference

Hi there,

well if you've been paying attention you could have heard me going on about META material about 18 months ago referring to the Kef LS50. This is an amazing technology that actually addresses a fundamental issue of back pressure on drive units. The LS50 has been a test bed to deliver this and now it is launched at the top of Kef's ranges in the Blade and Reference, and the results are superb.

The latest Kef uni-q driver that covers treble and midrange has 14 individual improvements in the latest version. These are 14 improvements over a drive unit that has been described as 'the finest bar none' already.

I travelled to deepest Kent to see what this was all about, first at a hotel venue, lovely food , nice people, and then on to the Kef factory for an interesting tour.

What I've learned is too much to type, it would run to page after page. To avoid this I have made two You ube videos. The first one is  for the products, a bit of simple technical stuff and some factory pics

Kef Blade and Reference Information

Then I managed to kidnap two Kef boffin-type designers for an interview which is obliquely about the products and more about the men and their passion. I think this is worth watching, even if I say so myself!

Kef Designers Interview

One of the interesting parts to come out of this is the design and engineering ability. Being able to tool up for complex shapes of cabinets, drive unit chassis, roll surrounds, everything is unique. I see many other loudspeakers from proud independent manufacturers and recognise common parts made by one of a number of possible drive unit suppliers, no new technology just a kit of parts. 

To experience a truly individual example of fresh thinking and research have a listen to these breakthrough products. Reference Meta 3s are available early March, Reference 1 Meta late March, Blade 2 early April.

Can't wait !!

And check out the videos, subscribe for free, like etc....


Optimisation and Rega System One

Optimisation is an interesting word often bandied about by hifi manufacturers. Often it means little or nothing, a buzzword in press releases, so it was interesting when it came up in engineering terms during a lovely morning spent talking to Roy Gandy of Rega fame recently. A Youtube video of that chat will follow soon-ish. Go to Youtube, search Lyric Hifi, open a video and hit subscribe. It costs nothing, you just get a message when a new video is loaded.

Back to optimisation.  Every one of the Planar turntable range is optimised for the best possible sound at it's price level. As an example look at the famous Planar 3 compared to the Planar 6. The 6 has a metal subplatter for more rigidity and it produces a better sound.

A few small manufacturers make a similar metal sub platter for you to 'upgrade' your 3 to a 6 however they miss the point. The 6 has better tonearm bearings, a separate power supply that reduces motor vibration so the stylus can measure more detail, an advanced ultra lightweight plinth and a platter with more mass at the outside for better stability from the flywheel effect. Every part of the turntable is better than the 3. Changing one part does not a 6 make.

Compare a One to a Two and you have a much better arm, plinth and platter for a hugely better sound while conforming to the same layout. Rega are famous for their glass platters however putting a P2 platter on a P1 does not a 2 make either. It's the whole combination, optimised and engineered for the best result.

Every Rega is more than the sum of it's parts due to being engineering as a complete synergistic package.

This also applies to the new Rega System One, a turntable, amplifier and loudspeaker complete system. While each individual element is rightly lauded for performance the total package is even better.

Here are some comments from the first reviews:

“The Rega System One is one of the most joyous things I have tested in a very long time. In compact but decently specified form, it possesses everything that a great Hi-Fi system needs to have. It is about the most fun you can have with your clothes on and Rega deserves to sell a million of them”. - Ed Selley.


"A sublime listening experience"

 "The System One is worthy of the highest praise"

 "This is the real deal"

 "This is a Hi-Fi experience like very little else anywhere near its price point"

 “An indisputable Best Buy”

Now I'm not always a fan of reviews however they have called this one right.

If you are looking for the default choice to start your vinyl journey check this out. Happy to let you hear it, it is always hooked up in the shop.

While the Planar One turntable, Io amplifier and Kyte speakers are individually priced at £299/420/550 totalling £ 1269 it is supplied at £ 1199 complete including your speaker cable, all good to go.

Optimisation does actually mean something in the right hands!


Here are links to the full reviews if you want to check out the details:

REGA System One Review

Another System One great Review



Both Linn and Rega have price increases from 1st January 22

Virtually every supplier has had to increase prices as raw materials and shipping costs have gone through the roof in the past 2 years

It used to cost me £ 1800 for a container Taiwan to Belfast, now they want £ 12000!

Aluminium has increased 4 fold and wood has doubled and sometimes more.

A worldwide silicon chip shortage has increased their prices too

Linn's increases average 14%, Rega's 10%

To avoid a Linn increase you have to be fast. I have a limited amount still to come through at 21 prices.Drop me a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with what you are thinking of.

All Rega products leaving the factory from 1st Jan are at the new price so it's all about current stocks

Right now you can save 10% on Planar 1, 2, 3, 8 and 10 turntables

There is some stock of Io, Brio and Aethos amplifiers

If you are thinking of an Aethos then you can save £ 300

Kyte speakers are also available at £ 499, soon to be £550

I also have some Apollo and Saturn cd players and Aria phono stages

When they're gone they're gone!



Linn Klimax Organik


So when Linn do something new and ground breaking people take notice and listen. Unfortunately in this case the Klimax Organik DSM launched during lockdown so I was too mean to buy a £ 30.000 streamer for demonstration when we weren't open to do any demonstrations!

By the time we were allowed open the waiting list had stretched to 14 weeks. At that time I did a video without actually having one explaining why it was special. Now i actually have one and it is gorgeous in both visuals and sound.

To match with it I have the Klimax Solo power amplifiers, also a pretty penny!

The clarity, dynamics, detail and musicality of this system is a level above anything else, happy to let you hear it, by appointment please to hear it at it's optimum.

I have used it with Kef Blade2 and it is breathtaking and have also used a variety of speakers. With a source as exceptional as this they all sound amazing!

Meantime whet your appetite with 2 different types of videos, the preview one and the report version

Linn Klimax Organik Preview


Linn Klimax Organik Report

Enjoy !