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So moving up to £1000+ the options become really interesting. In my opinion this is where real hifi begins. More options with proper separates from specialist  manufacturers, and now you can also have a proper streaming system in this price range:


Rega systems

Currently on the crest of wave of great reviews for great new additions to the range, Rega can give you a matched cd/amp compact floorstanding speakers

Rega can do no wrong just now, everything they design is brilliant, and every review backs this up

The Brio-R amplifier with Apollo-R cd player is usually £ 1228, there is currently an offer at £1100 for the pair, no brainer.


rega brio 01 1

Rega electronics and turntables match with a wide range of speakers, the Kef LS50 is highly recommended by every magazine at £ 799 and the new Rega RX1s at the same price are an obvious choice. The RX1s also have a gorgeous walnut finish and just now we have some bundle offers on Rega speakers and systems. Drop me a line through CONTACT US above to see what we can do.

For larger rooms compare a floorstander such as the £ 799 Kef Q550 or even the RX3 at £ 1298

You can even add a Rega turntable from £ 249 Look at the Rega news page for more product details

&nbsp ;Rega Apollo Front


Streaming your music with Linn

Better than cd quality and easy access and control. The Linn Sekrit DS is a streaming amplifier that gives you a full system in one box, just add speakers.

Call in for a demonstration, you will not be disappointed, you will be amazed.

Matched with various speakers you can get started from £ 1500, of course Linn will recommend their fantastic Majik109 bookshelf speakers but they bust the budget !


Linn Sneaky Music DS, £1199, add storage, control and speakers.

Speakers shown are the the Linn Majik109 at £ 935/pair, one of a number of ideal partners for the DS

Others used include the slimline Linn Uniks at £ 280/pr, KefQ350 at £ 450, Q Acoustics at £ 189, and even the Kef LS50 at £ 799


Cyrus One and One HD  

The Cyrus One is a cracking amplifier for £ 699. It also has bluetooth so can stream straight from your phone to get going. An excellent phono input means that this is often used with a Rega Planar 2 or 3 (£399/649). Cyrus offer bundle deals with matching speakers so the amp, speakers, cables and even a Chromecast together come to just £ 1099. 

I do think that this amp can also run better speakers so they are often paired with Kefs to give you an amp/speaker combo around £ 1500 before other sources


The One and HD look the same but the HD adds full digital inputs for £ 999